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The weather was inclement but it was the course that was tough. Which is a good thing. However, back to the start. I cancelled my place and opted for the borders trails instead.

Write around the toon 2013

Will it be enough to answer my two previous questions and is a 21 day trial enough for you to make a decision as well? With virtually no prior knowledge of Harmony, how much could I seriously learn within 21 days to be able to say this is the tool for you?

Time is not on your side The first hurdle is, who has 21 days to learn anything? I think I managed about five or six full, non-consecutive days, before writing this review.

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Unfortunately I was barely able to scratch the surface of what Harmony has to offer in the time I was able to devote to learning the basics.

My first character drawing in Harmony. This Monkey helped me learn some of the drawing tools. This lead me to a bunch of video tutorials originally released for Harmony 12 but still very relevant to Harmony If you need to learn Harmony fast, I cannot recommend these tutorials based on my own experience.

I spent three days following the tutorial videos in order,watching 62 individual videos with a running time of 3 and a half hours before I decided I needed to look elsewhere.

write around the toon 2013

The video by Jesse J. I learnt so much from this in just under 30 minutes, covering more ground than those previous 62 videos did in 3 and a half hours. After watching this I went back to the previous tutorial videos and followed through the one on Character Creation and Rigging with much more confidence than I had the first time.

My very first original character drawn and rigged in Harmony. Harmony Kick Start Tutorials. Click on the start learning now link. Then click Harmony tutorialfollowed by clicking on the version of Harmony you have.

At the time of writing this review I was part way through the Premium tutorials, attempting to construct my own scene with my own characters based on what the tutorial was demonstrating. You can see my efforts thus far in the screen shot below.

The current video tutorial link is a complete miss for trial users and is better suited to beginners who have already bought a subscription.

Rigging a character for cut-out or puppet animation including how to swap out body parts in character rigs for even more versatile characters. The different types of layers on the Timeline including Bone, peg, sound and camera layers.

Basic frame by frame and key frame animation with automatic tweening. Libraries and how to create custom palettes. A kind of flow chart composite of your scene, it looked really powerful but the point at which I did the detailed, video tutorial on it was way too premature for me to put anything into practice.

Overall I learned enough to animate a basic scene as well as I can in any other software, albeit with a little bit of revision over various tutorials to make sure I was doing things right.

Below is my finished Star Wars, Scene which I completed, mostly without having to go back and re-watch tutorials. Though there was a few times I needed to revise on where to find various tools.

A rigged puppet character with robes blowing in the wind using deformations to animate them. If you look really closely you can see a slight deformation of the head and face at the beginning to give the impression the character is turning her head toward the camera. All the animation has been done with key frames and tweens.

To Answer My Questions Is Harmony easy to learn the basics? I actually think it is. He teaches enough to give you a quick overview in a time that any software company should be pleased about. For example, I would have liked to have added the light shading feature to my character animation but have yet to come across any kind of tutorial to show me how to do this.

Harmony is definitely a worthwhile investment if being a 2D animator is something you aspire to, either as a hobby or profession. Toon Boom has a full range of subscription licenses making it affordable even on a modest budget.Toon Boom were kind enough to give me a 90 day Harmony Premium license for this review (Harmony is also available in Essentials and Advanced versions) but I thought, since they offer a free 21 day trial, I'll give myself that to write this review.

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