Welcome speech on prize giving ceremony

This is our way of trying to even things up so that all the other boys in the school have a chance of making it to this prize-giving next year. We as a staff are grateful for this opportunity to congratulate the top academic achievers of Many of you will have strived to do your best in order to be a part of this ceremony and I believe that represents the true spirit of our school. Although we all know that taking part is a key element in sports, school events and life in general, recognition of achievement can be what makes us push ourselves and reach our full potential.

Welcome speech on prize giving ceremony

Welcome speech: effective opening remarks made easy

Select Page Welcome Speech for Award Ceremony Different award ceremonies are organized in an educational institution during which students, teachers, principals or hosts are required to deliver welcome speeches in keeping with the occasion. Here we have provided you five welcome speeches for various events like school award ceremony, academic awards ceremony, sports award ceremony, high school award ceremony, student of the year award ceremony, etc.

You can select and use any of the welcome speech according to the event organized at your school, college or university: Welcome to the School Awards Ceremony Today, I feel very privileged and honoured to stand here in front of you all and acknowledge the achievements of our brilliant students who have made both the school and their parents proud.

This program is held to recognize the young talents who have made an immense contribution to our school and the society. These brilliant students exhibit such qualities that will not only help them in achieving their goals, but also bring glory of success to our school academy.

Today, we have gathered here not just to celebrate the achievements of our students, but also to give due regard to our values and morals which these awardees exemplify, like discipline, compassion and zeal for learning.

Awards are a way to encourage good behaviour and inculcate competitive spirit. This is the reason why our school organizes award ceremony every year to encourage its students. So we are here to give away the awards in mainly six categories, viz. The awards to be distributed today are not just for recognizing those students who have performed exceptionally well in their academics, but also to honour those students who excelled in sports, performing arts and visual arts, including the ones who were proactive in various social events.

The aim is to recognize that extra talent of our students other than academics and motivate them to shine in their respective fields. Our institution has always provided its students with a healthy and fairly competitive environment to help them grow in every sphere of activity, be it academics, sports or any other extra-curricular role.

We have given equal opportunities to all our students so that they realize their true potential and get ready to face the outer world once they complete their school studies. And I am much pleased to see our dear students performing and excelling in their respective areas of interests.

Also, I would like to address those students who have not won any prize and say that do not lose hope as this is not the end of everything and there will be many more opportunities coming your way to prove your mettle. School award ceremonies are just a beginning. I have a very inspiring line for all of you said by George W.

Bush, the former president of the United States: And to the C students, I say, you too, can be president of the United States. I would also like to extend special thanks to all the parents for joining us and making this occasion a huge success.

Welcome Speech for Academic Awards Ceremony A very Good Morning to our school committee members, honourable judges, staff, parents and dear students! I feel really honoured in sharing with you the achievements of our brilliant young students.

This is an occasion of joy for all of us as we have come together for celebrating this auspicious day. This goes without saying that the award ceremony is amongst my most treasured occasions of the school as it provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the preceding year, address the whole community and share the achievements, success and plans of our school for the days to come.

Our school truly believes that good education plays a crucial role in building a bright future for our children. Therefore, here we are committed to providing an atmosphere to our students where they all can imbibe good values and learn new things every day.

I am extremely glad at the fact that our school committee members as well as teachers are leaving no stone unturned in working towards this direction. On this important occasion, we get a chance to publically celebrate this success achieved through the sheer hard work and perseverance of both our students as well as teachers.

Our students have not only excelled in academics but are also very good at the extra-curricular activities like sports, drama, artworks, organizing school events and many other things.

They have not only made us proud, but brought accolades to our school and have given it a nation-wide recognition, thus adding extra feather to its cap.

Students like you are responsible for the continuous growth and development of our school in combined efforts with the extremely proficient council members as well as our teachers.

Our school has constantly received attention from media, and has well-hosted the visits of the renowned personalities from the well-known institutions, national as well as overseas. Most of the visitors have even returned to pay multiple visits to our school for closely observing our students and supporting the faculty members.

Luckily, feedback received from the visiting faculties has always been positive. I express my heartiest gratitude to the principal, teachers and parents for their support and collective efforts towards the development of these young talents, grooming them to achieve something substantial in life and above all, raising them with a benign attitude.

Whatever our students have achieved so far would never have been possible without your constant endeavor. I am extremely pleased to announce that the contribution of each and everyone present here has borne fruit.

So I thank you all for having come together and adding more grace to this ceremony. At last, I am going to recite a few lines. All you have to do is pay attention, work hard and give it a best shot.I warmly welcome our guest of honour, and all of you present on this 15 th Prize Giving and Speech Night, where we are gathered to celebrate the successes achieved by our pupils across the curriculum.

The fact that you came from far and wide, in large numbers, is a clear indication that the welfare of our college is dear to your hearts. Head Girl & Head Boy Speech. Prize giving speech Good evening, we hope that you have enjoyed the presentation so far. On behalf of the pupils of st johns we would like to thank you for attending our prize giving.

Speech – Prize-giving Ceremony – “My Way” The Painting Competition “My Way” was Cuomo Foundation’s a first painting competition in India. It was held in July and was open to all the pupils, scholarship students and teachers attending schools in K.G.

Kandigai, Kovalam and Sendivakkam supported by the Cuomo Foundation. This speech will set the tone of the event, while making guests feel comfortable and giving them an idea of what's to come.

A welcome remark doesn't have to be elaborate. In fact, the most effective opening speeches share the needed information in a short and concise manner.

Welcome speech on prize giving ceremony

I warmly welcome our guest of honour, and all of you present on this 15 th Prize Giving and Speech Night, where we are gathered to celebrate the successes achieved by our pupils across the curriculum.

The fact that you came from far and wide, in large numbers, is a clear indication that the welfare of our college is dear to your hearts. Prize Giving Ceremony – Announcing Procedures It is recommended to have a good announcer (speaking in English) who can announce the teams and presentations as they are happening.

Headmaster's Speech at Academic Prize Giving - Northwood School