Swot analysis of zipcar

Com Zipcar was founded in by Antje Danielson and Robin Chase, and by December offered over 8, vehicles tomembers in urban areas throughout 28 north American states and provinces.

Swot analysis of zipcar

In Junethe first Zipcars hit the road around Boston, Massachusetts. In JanuaryAntje was fired after Robin Chase petitioned Zipcar's board for the ability to make hiring and firing decisions without consulting them.

In AugustSan Francisco office opened.

Swot analysis of zipcar

In Maythe Toronto office opened. In SeptemberToronto market was named fastest growing new market in company history. In NovemberLondon office opened. In AprilVancouver office opened.

In OctoberZipcar and Flexcar executives announced a merger of the two companies, with the Zipcar brand and headquarters replacing that of Flexcar. Swot analysis of zipcar Norman remained as President until Februarywhen Avis Budget Group announced that Kaye Ceille was appointed president of Zipcar, and "Mark Norman would step down in order to pursue another career opportunity.

Zhen came over from TripAdvisor where she had been a vice president and general manager. Members are able to view vehicle availability and reserve a self-service car via the internet, Android, and iPhone apps, or by telephone, in increments as short as 30 minutes. Members pay only for time they reserve.

Zipcar vehicles report their positions to a control center using in-car technology. If the mile limit based on hours is exceeded then. A member can reserve and use a Zipcar in any Zipcar city. Fees[ edit ] Zipcar parking in Pittsburgh Zipcar was sued in and again in [31] by customers upset with Zipcar for allegedly charging customers excessive or hidden fees.

The lawsuit was dismissed inafter U. District Judge Nathaniel M. Gorton found that every penalty except an inactive-user charge is legal. Schneiderman, New York State law mandates if rental car companies mean to pursue charges for damages to their vehicles, they must give consumers the opportunity to dispute the complaint.

Schneiderman's office alleges Zipcar failed to follow this requirement. The company sometimes purportedly charged consumers damage fees before notifying them of the charges.

As a settlement, Zipcar will refund any damage charges assessed against consumers who disputed their responsibility for the damage. Since the launch of the program, Zipcar has signed 10, small, medium, and large sized businesses, as companies are increasingly adopting Zipcar's on demand car rental model as a cost-saving alternative for employee travel.

Each vehicle has a home location: The locations of all Zipcars and models available at those locations are available at the Zipcar website.

Zipcar currently has a fleet of nearly 10, vehicles. Each vehicle records hours of usage and mileage, which is uploaded to a central computer via a wireless data link.

The location of the vehicles is not tracked during a reservation for privacy reasons but is trackable, and all cars are equipped with a "kill" function that allows the company to prevent the car from starting in the event of theft. Zipcar also offers the embedded Information Technologies it has installed in its fleet as a fleet optimization service through its FastFleet service.

Clean fuel vehicles[ edit ] Expansion[ edit ] On October 31,Zipcar and Flexcar announced their intentions to merge. Under the terms of the agreement, Zipcar acquired a minority interest in Avancar, a Zipcar executive joined Avancar's board and Zipcar was given a year option to increase the company's ownership stake.

InZipcar expanded to Ottawa and Istanbul. InZipcar announced its full launch of its floating car-sharing service in Brussels, Belgium. This launch marks the seventh major country for the brand in Europe and the introduction of its most flexible car-sharing service to date.

InZipcar expanded to Costa Rica and Iceland.Zipcar’s SWOT analysis A framework is useful to structure and navigate around the different aspect of strategic management. Figure 3 describe a framework analysis that can help Zipcar to make a new srmvision.com 1.

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Swot analysis of zipcar

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Swot analysis assignment zipcar September 16, When i graduate i'll have a bachelors in management but what i should really have is a doctorate in bullshitting research papers. The following analysis of Keegan’s article “The Best New Idea in Business” provides a SWOT analysis of Zipcar, which illustrated the factors affecting the firm’s rapid growth.

The internal strengths of a firm refer to positive factors with respect to competitors within an industry. SWOT Analysis of Zipcar adam July 12, Automobile No Comments This article covers the internal and external analysis of Whole Foods Market and the technique used for it is know as SWOT analysis.

By understanding these various factors, an organization may successfully thrive in the business environment at large. The following analysis of Keegan’s article “The Best New Idea in Business” provides a SWOT analysis of Zipcar, which illustrated the factors affecting the firm’s rapid growth.

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