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By and large, China is increasingly seen as the preponderant regional power by a majority of Southeast Asian countries. The dailyReport Must-reads from across Asia - directly to your inbox In a short time, China has managed not only to divide and rule the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Aseanbut also leverage the regional bloc as a de facto shield against its strategic rivals, namely the US, and particularly in relation to the South China Sea disputes. While the proactive policy has paid diplomatic dividends, it also owes to the dramatic reorientation in the foreign policy of other relevant actors, namely the United States and the Philippines. It has also supported the finalization of negotiations of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership RCEP free trade agreement, which aims to further integrate the economies of 16 nations along the Asia-Pacific rim.

Pivot to asia

Its what happens when you have to write a lot of vlookup formulas before you can start analyzing your data. They connect table 1 with table 2 so that all the data needed for making that pivot report is on one place.

In simple words, this feature helps you connect one set of data with another set of data so that you can create combined pivot reports.

Data Model heaven Lets say you are looking sales data for your company. You have transaction data like below.

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Then write a vlookup formula to fetch product category, another to fetch customer gender. Then fill down the formulas for entire list of transactions. Now make a pivot table.

Pivot to asia

Specify a name for your table from design tab. Read introduction to Excel tables to understand more. Click New to create a new relationship.

It does not matter which order you use here. Excel is smart enough to adjust the relationship.

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Add more relationships as needed. Select fields from various tables to create a combined pivot report or pivot chart Example: Things to keep in mind when you using relationships Same data types in both columns: Columns that you are connecting in both tables should have same data type ie both numbers or dates or text etc.

One to one or One to many relationships only: Excel supports only one to many or one to one relationships. That means one of the tables must have no duplicate values on the column you are linking to.

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You can add slicers too: You can slice these pivot tables on any field you want just like normal pivot tables. Download Example File Click here to download Excel data model demo file. It contains 3 different tables and a combined pivot report with slicer to show you what is possible.

Do you use relationships?

Pivot to asia

Now that relationships are part of main Excel functionality inI am using them even more. What cool things are you doing with it? Share your tips with us using comments.

It is a new feature in Excel available as add-in in Excel that can let you do lots of powerful analysis on massive amounts of data.

Here is an introduction to PowerPivot.A general election was held in Myanmar on 7 November , in accordance with the new constitution which was approved in a referendum held in May The date of the election, 7 November, was announced by the SPDC on 13 August..

The general election forms the fifth step of the seven-step "roadmap to democracy" proposed by the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) in , the .

Myth 1: Power BI is a self-service Excel tool, and isn’t suitable for Enterprise Solutions.

Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman could face jeopardy as he takes steps to modernize his country. New Book by Mark S A Smith From MSP to BSP: Pivot from Managed Services Provider to Business Services Provider to Profit from I.T.

Disruption. The Hong Kong government is seeking to revive investor interest in offshore yuan bonds issued in the city by emphasising their role in helping to finance ventures related to the green economy and.

The strategic location of the factory allows OTECH to respond quickly to the needs of its customers not only in France and Southern Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy etc) but also to its customers throughout the world (Africa, Australia etc). What the New Passive Investing Push Tells You The popularity of exchange-traded funds fits with the market’s Elliott wave structure Stock picking is losing favor.

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