Ping sweep

Background[ edit ] After the fall of Jinan to the Communists on 24 Septemberthe PLA began planning for a larger campaign to engage the remaining Nationalist forces in the Shandong province and their main force in Xuzhou. In face of the rapidly deteriorating military situation in the Northeastthe Nationalist government decided to deploy on both sides of the Tianjin—Pukou Railway to prevent the PLA from advancing south toward the Yangtze River. The plan was to encircle the Nationalist Sixth and Seventh Army, which were still stationed in the Shandong province. Map showing the Huaihai Campaign as one of the Three Campaigns during Chinese civil war Encirclement of Xuzhou 6—22 November [ edit ] As the Nationalist Sixth and Seventh Army began retreating to Xuzhou by crossing the grand canal, they were behind their original schedule.

Ping sweep

I would like feedback whenever you discover an error, omission or get horribly lost trying to find a climb. Feedback on grades and quality ratings are greatly appreciated. I have tried to make the grades consistent but you know how that goes!

About Silver Moon

You can contact me at jbyrnes ezlink. There are several open projects in the 5. The rock is mostly clean pocketed limestone but Spot Bay is also rich in stalactites and tufas. Climbing Gear There is no climbing shop on the island, so bring everything you may want.

All routes are well bolted. The longest route requires 19 quickdraws 17 bolts plus anchors. Many routes have hard starts and bad landings so stick-clipping is highly recommended. The long routes at the Point require additional gear. Ascending devices prussik, Tibloc, Ropeman should be taken on all routes at the Point, as well as 6 to 8 Ping sweep slings with biners.

Comfy climbing shoes can be nice too.

Ping sweep

When you Ping sweep back home, rinse all your gear in warm fresh water to get the salt off. Other Important Gear I strongly recommend sturdy hiking shoes and a pair of gloves to protect your feet and hands while belaying and the approaches. Gloves and sturdy hiking shoes will be welcome when crossing the sharp ironstone.

Bring a foam pad to sit on to change shoes, have a bite to eat or admire the sunset. Wear sunscreen and a sun-hat that has a brim all the way around not a ball capand plan to climb in the shade.

Guide Service Rock Iguana Ltd. They also provide lessons and adventure tours. Lots of photos on their website. For this reason Titanium bolts were developed for Cayman Brac and are now being used in many places around the world.

After 17 years they show absolutely no signs of corrosion or wear, and have been fallen on many times. They will provide safe climbing for centuries to come. Some of the old routes still have rusted stainless bolts next to their titanium replacements.

PingSweep is a must have tool in an large enterprise environment. There’s no doubt about it. If you manage a large number of network devices and/or a large number of servers in an enterprise setting, chances are you will have the need to perform a ping sweep every now and then. Shop a wide selection of PING G Black Dot Irons – (Graphite) – Standard Length at DICKS Sporting Goods and order online for the finest quality products from the top brands you $1, Free online games with new games added everyday! Play arcade games, puzzle games, sports games plus many more!

Any Steel bolt you find are NOT to be trusted. Often you can break these off with your fingers or foot you can take it home for a souvenir so you can imagine what would happen in a fall.

A TI the route description means it has titanium bolts. We are using two types of titanium bolts: Retreat All titanium bolts can be directly threaded with the rope so you can lower off without leaving anything, just like you do at the top anchor.

Belay Bolts A good number of routes have hard starts and very high first bolts that are intended to be stick-clipped. This will prevent the two of you from smashing into one another should the leader fall before getting above the first climbing bolt and still provides a dynamic belay.

This is very nice if the leader outweighs the belayer by a significant amount! The belay bolt is easily reachable from the ground. After the leader has clipped 2 or 3, the belayer can unclip from the belay bolt and move out from the wall to watch.

Sea spray blown by high winds or evening condensation are the usual culprits for causing smarm. The sun will often bake off the smarm and the rock will be crisp as it goes into the shade, and 2 Climb on the leeward side of the island, away from the sea spray.

The floor of caves is often covered in fine silt an excellent dry lubricantbones and other debris. Climb on the outside edges. This guide is organized starting at Love Shack and progresses counter-clockwise around the island.Burn for Me: A Hidden Legacy Novel - Kindle edition by Ilona Andrews.

Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Burn for Me: A Hidden Legacy Novel. Ping is a computer network administration software utility used to test the reachability of a host on an Internet Protocol (IP) network.

It measures the round-trip time for messages sent from the originating host to a destination computer that are echoed back to the source.

Ping sweep

The name comes from active sonar terminology that sends a pulse of sound and listens for the echo to detect objects under. Network Discovery tool that can simultaneously send multiple packets on your network and scan your IP range by performing a fast ICMP sweep.

A ping sweep is a network reconnaissance using some type of ping (ICMP echo/reply) to locate hosts on a network. These activities will show you how to use the ping command to perform a ping sweep. In computing, a ping sweep is a method that can establish a range of IP addresses which map to live hosts.

The classic tool used for ping sweeps is fping, which traditionally was accompanied by gping to generate the list of hosts for large subnets, although more recent version of fping include that functionality. Well-known. The Ping Scanner Tool sends ICMP ping packets to every IP address in any range of IPv4 addresses you specify.

It looks for ICMP responses from active devices. Ping Scanning or Ping Sweep is a well known technique used to find live devices in a range IP addresses. Historically it has been used with IPv4 and for IPv6 the ranges of IP.

ping (networking utility) - Wikipedia