Oscar peterson essay

Early years[ edit ] Peterson was born in Montreal, Quebecto immigrants from the West Indies ; his father worked as a porter for Canadian Pacific Railway. It was in this predominantly black neighborhood that he encountered the jazz culture. His father, Daniel Peterson, an amateur trumpeter and pianist, was one of his first music teachers, and his sister Daisy taught him classical piano. But he was captivated by traditional jazz and boogie-woogie and learned several ragtime pieces.

Oscar peterson essay

The Master of Swing They say the pen is mightier than the sword, however, no art form has the ability to shape entire generations and entrance nations in the way that music can. It makes us dance and let go and revel in the beauty of life.

Oscar peterson essay

No Canadian musician has embodied this philosophy like the master piano player Oscar Peterson. His joyful, swinging style captured the attention of the world for over 60 years. A prolific jazz pianist and composer, Peterson is arguably the most talented musician that Canada has produced.

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He was born on August 15th, in the poor Oscar peterson essay neighbourhood of St Henri. His parents Daniel and Kathleen Peterson were both Caribbean immigrants.

Daniel Peterson was an advocate for musical education who led the family band in concerts in Montreal churches and concert halls.

He required each of his 5 children to play both a brass instrument and the piano. Oscar originally played both trumpet and piano, but after a bad bout of tuberculosis focused his energy solely on the piano. He trained as a classical pianist, but his idol was legendary jazz pianist Art Tatum, who helped to steer him more towards swing and bebop.

Eventually Oscar began playing for the CBC. Throughout the 40s he rose in popularity in the Canadian music scene and in he broke into the American scene with a performance at Carnegie Hall.

Despite suffering from arthritis since his teens he had a long, incredibly successful career. He toured throughout the US and Canada as well as internationally. Besides performing, Peterson was a prolific and gifted composer releasing multiple albums a year throughout the fifties.

He won a spectacular eight Grammys, including a lifetime achievement award in He also acted as an educator, desiring to share his musical passion with others. The school operated for two years before being forced to close due to his heavy performance schedule. He worked in a variety of settings including as an accompanist, in trios and in quartets, but his most acclaimed work were his performances as a soloist.

He took incredibly difficult songs and made them sound as if he could play them in his sleep. His ability to pull off this easygoing sound when playing such complex songs is a true testament to his talent.

Acclaimed by some as the greatest jazz pianist of all time he was incredibly influential and left his mark not only on the Canadian jazz scene, but also on the world stage. Peterson passed on December 23rdin Mississauga, Ontario due to kidney failure.

This marked the loss of an incredible human being and a great talent. He was a proud black Canadian and his music has forever shaped our culture and heritage. His story will continue to inspire generations of youth to follow their dreams despite the social and economic confines enforced on them by society, and the echoes of his dancing fingers will be heard for years and years to come.Oscar Petersonis a world-renowned jazz pianist.

His name and his music are known around the world. He has been recognized as one of the jazz greats for the past half century. What is not well known is that he has been a passionate photographer since childhood, and still continues today to .

Oscar Peterson: The Master of Swing. They say the pen is mightier than the sword, however, no art form has the ability to shape entire generations and entrance nations in the way that music can. Oscar Peterson was a famous jazz pianist who won eight Grammy Awards throughout his long and illustrious career.

This biography of Oscar Peterson provides detailed information about his childhood, life, achievements, works & srmvision.com Of Birth: Montreal. Feb 25,  · “I play as a feel.” -Oscar Peterson Oscar Peterson, a Canadian jazz pianist has amused the world with his talent over the piano for more than 40 years.

At an age of five, he became skilled at the piano and the trumpet and at the age of seven, he mainly concentrated on the piano. He was born on August 15, in Montreal, Québec with a family of four srmvision.com: Resolved.

Dec 11,  · The Estate of Oscar Peterson is proud to bring you "Oscar Peterson Legacy". We aim to bring you live music, interviews, behind-the-scenes, and general discus Views: K. The image you see is that of jazz master, pianist Oscar Peterson.

This image was found at srmvision.com The music you hear is "C Jam Blues" performed by The Oscar Peterson Trio.

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