How to write a user manual for a program

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How to write a user manual for a program

Share on Facebook Taking time to write out an employee training manual may seem like a laborious task. Before you begin to write, do some planning.

Decide what tasks your employees need to accomplish and what can be written down to help them. Plan on wear you will be using the training manual--in a face-to-face class or a self-guided tour.

Once you have an idea of what type of manual you are going to need, here are some of the features you can use to make your idea a reality.

This process will help you decide how long your manual is going to be and help with breaking down jobs into smaller chunks, which are easier to explain to a new employee. In the Paragraph group, there are three buttons: Choose "multilevel lists" or you can click on the down arrow for a gallery of outlining choices.

You can also come up with your own. Write your outline for your manual. To go to the next level of a multilevel list, press "Tab. Video of the Day Step Use the header and footer function in Word to add page numbers, content sections and a title for each page of your document.

Headers and footers are visual references for the employee to know where they are in the training material. When you are doing training, adding page numbers helps you refer to certain pages as well as certain subjects.

The Header appears on each page of your manual, or you can choose to have it appear on opposite pages if you want your manual to be more book-like. Footers appear at the bottom of the page and are generally used for page numbers, dates, and ownership information.

Step Add a cover page or title page for your training material to differentiate this material from other items you give your employee, like an employee handbook. Create your title page by clicking on the "Insert tab" and then clicking on "Cover Page" in the Pages section.

You will see a number of cover page styles to choose from or you can create your own. Give your training manual a descriptive title; include the date created and the author ssince often training manuals are a group effort.

Step Add headings to help you create your table of contents for your training document. This will also help visually organize your document for ease of use by your employee. Create Heading styles for each section of your document by using the outline you created this is not the same as a Header, which goes at the top of the page.1 Overview.

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how to write a user manual for a program

This manual tells you how to use our LWDAQ software in combination with our TCPIP-based LWDAQ hardware. We describe the LWDAQ drivers, multiplexers, and show how our TCPIP-based LWDAQ creates a stand-alone data acquisition system connected to the rest of the world through a single Ethernet socket.

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