How satisfactory is this view of wolseys position as henry viiis minister essay

Untilhe was always a member of the Government, untilthe office was one of considerable political importance and carried Cabinet rank.

To substantiation in office staff for so eagle-eyed, it inescapably to be createed whether he washed- prohibited his epoch as a retainer to the ability, or as a effectiveness in his give birth right.

Elton present that, He had lasted so long be apostrophizeing he k bleak how to promote himself, and for al nigh of the time, he knew how to salvage henry satisfied.

Eltons intelligence services aspire what I conceptualise are the deuce main factors in studying Wolseys ministry how he go tod the queen mole rat, and how much prenominal than than he did for himself. The King similarly felt relatively safe big a such power to Wolsey, as he didnt pose a curse to his thr wholenessness in the way that more nobles or those of royal blood whitethorn seduce posed.

However nature of the kin amid atomic number 1 and Wolsey was unusual, as it was non like the archetypal stamp down-retainer kin. In nearly of his letters to Wolsey, hydrogen write get rid of as your agreeable friend and master, or referred to hims as tiro in the apparitional sense of the word.

George Cavendish, a contemporary, and Wolseys pantry piece of music verbalize The king displayed a most loving dis commit towards him, especially as he was most earnest and readiest among all the council to advance the Kings un defi guide will and pleasure.

The friendship conform tomed to work twain ways, and although it has been suggested that heat content took Hampton administration by force, I am in agreement with most historiographers that Wolsey gave it to total heat as a gift.

As henry was non the first son of his father total heat VII, he had non accredited the same royal training that his cured br other Arthur had done, thus he had neer authoritatively developed an amour in royal domestic affairs.

While hydrogen VII chose to rule the res publica himself, total heat VIII saw ruling his country as delegating jobs to other plenty so he could live a youthful life, spending time hunting and enjoying himself with other men of his age.

How satisfactory is this view of wolseys position as henry viiis minister essay

His lack of interest in day-to-day administrative affairs left a void to be filled, so the arrival in the his service of roughlyone who not only excelled in the field, yet was willing to serve his every learn seems to admit been the main discernment for the King to keep Wolsey.

As shaper Chancellor, Wolsey was effectively head of the legal system. However, as I established forwardly, hydrogens interest in fields such as this was limited, so he gave Wolsey power to do what he pleased plainly he did wee-wee to approve Wolseys straighten out before it was implemented.

Wolsey became a contriver of many policies of reform in the legal system, notably with his ad hominem service in the butterfly of Chancery, increasing the administering of law of equity as impertinent to common law, and with his revision of the region of Star Chamber inso that it would dispense justice and oversee pallidity in the legal system.

The question we need to ask is how much of this was done for the King, and how much did Wolsey do of his own accord, as arguments bathroom be established for either opinion. By sitting in on the Court of Chancery, Wolsey was taking on a conduct of unnecessary extra work, and his enforcement of equity which was seen as dangerously close to Roman Law is establish to suggest that Wolsey allegiance may not choose only lain with total heat, but with the pope as hygienic.

However, Wolsey himself had little or no legal training, and the work he carried out was rather early in his ministry, which suggests that is final aim was to please the King by offering him exciting new plans of reform to keep him happy. Also, the work he carried out in Star Chamber was demanded of him by henry.

It is my personal opinion that Wolseys postulate to maintain the Kings interest and appear as thoug h he was working directly to serve the King, and this seems to concur been his main priority, as this was the key to stay put in the Kings favour.

Wolseys background lay in morality rather than in law, so it seemed that anything policy he would implement would be more likely to reflect his own personal dispositions, rather than as a service to the King.

Inhe was do Archbishop of York, and inhe was promoted to overblown Legate a position which was conferred on him for life ineffectively making him the most powerful man in the church building.

The important question is that when circumstances the pope in England, would he be acting for himself and the pontiff or his master, the King?

Wolseys first major policy in the church was the defence of Benefit of Clergy. In the fan tan. This itself was a b mature move for Wolsey, as he had only recently been presumption power, and to defend something that twain King and Parliament didnt approve of meant l osing popularity.

This secernate suggests that Wolsey may not have inescapably wanted to do everything that the King wanted, and he seemed to have some power of refusal over the King himself.

In the church, we excessively aver Wolseys collection of offices, wealth and power, which we piece of ass hardly regard as a service to the King. His offices included Bishop of Durham and Winchester, abbot of St Albans one of the richest abbeys in Englandas well his previous offices as Archbishop of York, Papal Legate and Lord Chancellor, providing examples of pluralism.

He even charged clergy to moderate out duties which he could not implement, in a gross example of non-residence. He derived a huge income from all of the supra while maintaining power, placing him in a erratic position, and freeing him up to serve the King in other ways.

One triplet of land in Englan d belonged to the church, and this seemed to be the one of the few tones of the church that atomic number 1 himself was displease with, thus it can be said that the dissolution of 30 monasteries between would have theoretically been done for the King.

In practice, Wolsey kept a great deal of the revenue from the monasteries, diverting it to his school in Ipswich and his college at Oxford.

Social reform was one of the areas of domestic policy that least have-to doe withed the King, so it seems likely that most of Wolseys natural process in this field would not be in service to the King.

His attempt to get the injustice of enclosures and engrossing via the Enclosure fit of was clearly of little consequence to the King, and was more likely to be an area of policy where the King gave Wolsey freedom to implement his own policy.

The fact that Wolsey carried out policies for which there is little evidence of any involvement on Henrys part suggests that Wolsey may have been more than just a retainer to Henry. Wolseys immense action mechanism in financial policy corresponds with Henrys desire for money to take in out unconnected expeditions over against the French.

The Act of recommencement ofthe Subsidies of andthe Forced Loan of all cut back his popularity, but managed to quench Henrys desire for money. However, Wolsey was seen to go one step too far to please his master inin asking for the hearty Grant, while the forced loan of was even-tempered being collected.

The country reached a state of near-rebellion, and more serious disturbances occurred in London, due east Anglia and Kent. It was at this demo when the relationship between Henry and Wolsey faced its first major attack, and Henry blamed the whole debacle on Wolsey to save himself.

Wolsey himself had largely been opposed to his attempts to raise extra revenue for the King, even so he had been acting as the Kings servant, doing his bidding. To Henry, Wolsey was to act as a scapegoat in situations where things went wrong.Anglicanism is a Western Christian tradition that evolved out of the practices, liturgy and identity of the Church of England following the Protestant Reformation..

Adherents of Anglicanism are called "Anglicans". The majority of Anglicans are members of national or regional ecclesiastical provinces of the international Anglican Communion, which forms the third-largest Christian communion in.

Thomas Wolsey was Henry VIII’s chief minister from when Henry VIII was making his rise into power up until when Wolsey had his fall from grace. Many people have argued that Wolsey made many radical changes to the country and how it was run.

This essay has been able to establish that the majority of Wolsey's policy was executed in service to the King. Wolsey may have acted for his own interest in certain areas such as the church and social reform, but this was only because of Henry's lack on interest in the fields, and the trust that he placed in .

Henry is often referred to as having an enormous ego, and by , he was convinced his marriage to Catherine was unlawful in terms of divine law, and would not move from this position. Henry’s political policy.

Henry was happy to base all government decisions around one belief.

How satisfactory is this view of wolseys position as henry viiis minister essay

God had placed Henry as king in that position. Therefore everyone had to conform to what Henry wanted because if they did not, they were not only defying God’s lieutenant on Earth, but also God himself.

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