High school track athlete hiit program essay

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High school track athlete hiit program essay

Introduction The fitness industry is currently experiencing a surge of interest and growth in high intensity interval training HIIT. This method of training involves repeated bouts of high intensity efforts that range from 5 seconds to 8 minutes followed by recovery periods of varying lengths of time.

Billat points out that as early as Hannes Kolehmainen, famous Finish Olympic long-distance runner, was employing interval training in his workouts. As the knowledge of HIIT increased, exercise scientists demonstrated that this type of exercise not only provides performance benefits for athletes and improves the health of recreational exercisers, but it may also be a suitable alternative to endurance training, or continuous aerobic exercise.

To improve cardiovascular fitness the belief has always been to increase the volume of exercise, whether it's longer runs, bike rides, or extended time on an aerobic machine e.

The breadth of current research has revealed that HIIT improves numerous physiological parameters, often in less time when measured against high volume continuous exercise Daussin et al.

Therefore, the purpose of this article is to discuss and compare the cardiovascular, skeletal muscle, High school track athlete hiit program essay metabolic adaptations to HIIT versus continuous endurance exercise. Continuous aerobic training is defined as exercise e.

Additionally, research examples of HIIT and continuous endurance training workouts are included in this article. Basic Reponses and Adaptations of Aerobic Training Before comparing HIIT and continuous endurance training, a brief review of the cardiovascular responses and adaptations to chronic aerobic exercise is warranted, because it is central to both programs.

During aerobic exercise the performance of the heart is based on heart rate, the amount of blood pumped per beat stroke volumeand heart contractility, or the forcefulness of each heart contraction.

Combined, these variables increase blood flow and oxygen supply to meet the demands of the exercising muscles. The contraction of the skeletal muscle also increases venous blood flow return to the heart, which increases ventricle blood filling called the preload. This boosted preload contributes to the heart's enhanced stroke volume during exercise, which is a major determinant of aerobic performance Joyner and Coyle, Heart muscle structure adaptations are common with progressively increasing amounts of endurance training.

These adaptations include thickening of the heart muscle and increased left ventricle size, which contribute to improved heart function during exercise. Consistent bouts of endurance exercise such as minutes of continuous running or cycling performed days per week leads to several other cardiovascular adaptations including the following: Increased cardiac muscle mass 2.

Increased stroke volume 3. Increased disposal of metabolic wastes 4. Increased oxidative enzymes and efficiency 5. Faster diffusion rates of oxygen and fuel into muscle 6.

Increased left ventricle dilation and chamber volume 7. Increased carbohydrate sparing thus greater use for fat as fuel 8. Increase in mitochondria energy factory of cell 9. Increase in cell regulatory mechanisms of metabolism Increased fat oxidation Cardiovascular Adaptations Recent work shows that the cardiovascular adaptations to HIIT are similar to and in some cases superior to those of continuous endurance training Helgerud et al.

Additional research by Slordahl et al. Maximal oxygen consumption VO2max is considered the uppermost ability of the body to consume, distribute and utilize oxygen for energy production.

It is commonly called maximal aerobic capacity and is a good predictor of exercise performance.

The Ultimate 8-Week HIIT For Fat-Burning Program

Improvements in cardiovascular function will increase one's VO2max. Improving cardiovascular function and increasing VO2max are major goals of patients that suffer from cardiovascular disease.

Results show similar improvements as traditional low intensity exercise, but in a shorter time and fewer sessions.

High school track athlete hiit program essay

Skeletal Muscle Adaptations Increased mitochondria the energy factory of the cell size and number is becoming a hallmark adaptation to HIIT Gibala, This is referred to as an increase in mitochondria density, and has been thought for many years to only occur from chronic endurance training.

Mitochondria use oxygen to manufacture ATP the energy molecule of the cell at high levels through the breakdown of carbohydrates and fat during aerobic exercise. With increased mitochondrial density there is more energy available for the working muscles to produce greater force, and for a longer period of time i.High-Intensity Interval Training and Athletes December 06, If you are an athlete, you can utilize HIIT training to keep up your cardiovascular fitness if you're away from the gym or crunched for time, while still maintaining your important muscle mass.

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TRY THESE 3 HIIT CIRCUITS TO BURN FAT AND BOOST YOUR METABOLISM. If you’re already doing a weight lifting or cardio program then you can incorporate a few HIIT sessions in a week to accelerate fat loss.

I’m the creator of Student’s Fitness and I help High School students, college students, and all kinds of busy people achieve a. Interval training was developed decades ago by track study from East Tennessee State University demonstrated similar findings with obese subjects who followed an 8-week program of HIIT workouts.

study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition reported that male subjects following a 6-week high-intensity interval. High School Track Athlete HIIT Program - With a track athlete they may be performing in various events throughout the day that require them to cover various distances or the procession of various skill sets.

Examples of High School training weeks: (Athletes should, in addition, have a good warm up, drills, and stretching before each workout and a warm down and stretching after). W in the schedule stands for days to do weight training.

HIIT vs. Continuous Cardiovascular Exercise