Drowning essay

I wrote it as a blog post during an early and mostly unsuccessful experience with blogging, at a time when my stories were just starting to be published. I still stand by what it says, although it is somewhat fancifully written. Arvind Mishra who also very kindly directed me to a marvelous device:

Drowning essay

He uses Bengal as the example in his article but also any country with suffering and death from starvation can be applied in the situation.

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Singer is right about how we are morally obligated to help the suffering, although, I disagree with his statement about giving up or sacrificing all that one has worked for to eliminate famine. I think this is a straightforward statement that yes, all suffering and death from lack of food and necessities is not good.

Peter Singer uses Drowning essay famous pond example to prove his point.

Drowning essay

It goes like this, if you were walking by and saw a Drowning essay drowning in a pond, would you jump in and save the child even if it meant getting your clothes muddy?

Most all of us would jump in and get our clothes muddy because having muddy clothes is nothing compared to saving a life. If we have it in our power to stop something bad from happening, without causing something worse to happen or doing something wrong in doing that, then we should do it.

I think that this thought experiment is a good way to prove moral obligation.

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From this statement, I agree that many people turn a blind eye to starving children because they are in another country. Since it is far away and the problem is not staring them right in the face, the children and the problem can be easily written off.

I have been one of those people. If one were to ignore it, it would eventually go away. It does not matter if I knew the child or not, I would still jump in and save the child from drowning.

I believe this is true because if I looked around and there were other people close by and they knew the child was drowning and still did nothing, this would still not affect my decision.

Almost drowning personal essays

I would still jump in the pond to help the drowning child. A moral obligation is something inside of myself that I choose to do or feel obligated to do. It does not matter what others around are me are choosing to do.

Singer makes an additional point when he discusses how if everyone gave five dollars to Bengal it would solve the suffering problem.

Drowning essay

Yet, not everyone is going to give five dollars. Therefore, I disagree we should compensate for the people who do not donate any money. How much than do I give if five is not enough?

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I feel I am obligated to save the suffering of the world by myself if I have to compensate for everyone who is not giving. But of course I cannot give that much; I can only give what I can. He says our society views giving money as an act of charity and to not give any money is not seen as wrong.

I think it may sound acceptable on paper but I do not believe this is realistic.Drowning Essay - Drowning is the second leading cause of injury deaths of infants and children younger than 15 years old in the United States. I know many of you may have small children and relatives so this may be of some interest to you.

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In the "Drowning Incident", McCarthy takes the reader through a young boy's perspective of his anger. The author carefully depicts a beautiful journey of innocent curiosity that foreshawdows evil. Drowning Essay. Introduction Drowning cases amongst individuals is one of the growing concerns for Australian society - Drowning Essay introduction.

Due to the continuously drowning deaths in Australia the need for strategies and activities to come into place need to be implemented.

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