As good as it gets abnormal

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As good as it gets abnormal

Edit Akiha in the Tsukihime anime Because the events of Arcueid and Ciel keep Shiki away from the Tohno mansion, Akiha has a secondary role and she remains as Shiki's stoic yet caring sister, who wants to keep the awful truths about their past to Shiki.

She scolds him over everything, from his manners to coming back home at late hours. However, Kohaku who is very close to Akiha reveals to Shiki that despite her stoic demeanor, Akiha is pleased by Shiki's return.

Nearly the end of the route, she reveals to Shiki that he was adopted.

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Ciel's route Similar to Arcueid's route, As good as it gets abnormal plays a supportive route and does not seem to like Ciel. Akiha's route Edit Akiha wandering through the house Shiki returns to the Tohno house after years.

He fondly remembers the times he spent with his sister Akiha.

As good as it gets abnormal

He also feels guilty because of the strict upbringing she received after he had to left the Tohno house. Unfortunately for Shiki, his reunion with Akiha is not exactly as he had hoped it to be.

She is cold and distant to him, immediately demanding that he adopt a lifestyle befitting of the eldest son of the Tohno family. Akiha scolds Shiki over everything, which causes him to believe that she might bear a significant grudge over his absence the last eight years.

When Shiki goes to school, he realizes that his classmate Satsuki is gone. When Shiki, who had just crossed ways with Satsuki, returns home he is scolded by Akiha but she later treats his wounds. The next day, Shiki decides to confront the vampire Satsuki after he promises to Akiha that he would come back home safe.

Satsuki tries to turn him into a vampire to be with her forever, and it that moment Shiki realizes his feelings for Akiha and their promise. Motivated by it, he kills Satsuki, although regretfully.

When he returns home, he notices that Akiha was waiting for him the whole time and chastises him for returning wounded. Akiha at night with Shiki Akiha decides to spend more time with Shiki by joining into the same school at him.

Like Arcueid, she does not like Ciel. When Ciel vanishes, Akiha reveals to Shiki that she always knew that Ciel was different and she was unaffected by her hypnosis. Due to the recent killings in the city recently, Shiki believes that Akiha might be the vampire who did it and goes to the Tohno house.

He tells him that he went to take Akiha "back with him" and reveals to Shiki all the truths of their childhood. However, Akiha regains consciousness and protects Shiki. The two have a confrontation about Shiki, only for Akiha to say in his face that Shiki is her brother now and that she does not consider SHIKI as her brother anymore.

Shiki and Akiha After that, Akiha and Shiki talk in her room, where she tells him that in fact, Shiki was adopted after SHIKI killed him and due to it, their minds are connected and he took a part of his life she also tells him that she believes that one of the causes of their connection might be related to the fact Shiki and SHIKI used to be best friends when younger.

Then, she starts having spasms and her hair turns red. Akiha confesses to Shiki that she was aware from the beginning that he is not her real brother, but she felt that it was the only way for her to be with him.

However, Shiki reassures her that he loves her as a sister and a woman and they kiss and have sex together. Both fight and Shiki manages to debilitate him. However, at the last moment, Shiki hesitates to kill him so SHIKI uses the last of his energy to return to the abandoned house and see Akiha.

He is left with the choice to kill her and save her from her suffering or to let her live in her current state. In Akiha's Normal Ending, Shiki decides to allow her to live on as the demon that she currently is because Shiki cannot bring himself to kill her.

This results in Akiha's Normal Ending, where Shiki maintains Akiha at the abandoned room and tries to contain her bloodlust by himself, by routinely letting her painfully bite him and suck his blood out of the wound, all the while hoping that someday she will find herself again.Looks like I get the first post again.

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