An analysis of the factors causing the red scare

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An analysis of the factors causing the red scare

Matt Blitz 44 comments Shawn asks: Do cow farts really significantly contribute to global warming? There are currently approximately 1.

And these 1, pound average weight for both a beef and dairy cow animals eat a lot. The result is a large amount of methane being introduced into the atmosphere.


So is this significantly contributing to global warming? Cows, sheep, goats, giraffes, and deer belong to a class of mammals called ruminants. Most ruminants have four stomachs, two-toed feet, and store their food in the first chamber of the stomach, called the rumen, before regurgitating it.

Inside of the rumen, over four hundred different kinds of microbes exist that also play a critical role in the digestion process. Several of these microbes create methane gas as a byproduct.

Due to the sheer number of cows on the planet, along with the large size per cow, our tasty friends produce more methane gas than all other ruminants combined.

Why could this potentially be bad? Methane is twenty one times more potent at trapping heat from the Sun than carbon dioxide. Though it is less prevalent in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide, it is, by unit, the most destructive of the greenhouse gases.

Methane gas, like all other greenhouse gases which includes water vaporacts like a blanket around our planet, trapping heat.

The right amount and the planet has an average temperature of a life-supporting 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Too little and the greenhouse effect becomes weak, like on Mars. Livestock is the largest source of methane gas emissions worldwide, contributing over 28 percent of total emissions. Wetlands, leaks from oil refineries and drills, and landfills also contribute methane gas to the atmosphere.

In fact, unlike the ratios on a global scale, in the United States livestock is only the third largest contributor, behind the mining and transportation of natural gas and rotting landfill waste. With an estimated 1. In recent years, several different solutions have been proposed.

Do Cow Farts Really Significantly Contribute to Global Warming?

Researchers have also studied adding plants that are high in tannins to the diet, which are believed to lower methane levels in ruminants. Another branch of study focuses on not lowering the amount of methane gas, but figuring out a way to contain it and repurpose it.

An analysis of the factors causing the red scare

Some farms have experimented with having their livestock live in a plastic bubble, which takes the expelled gas and converts it into electricity.

But this process is both expensive, inefficient, and considered somewhat inhumane, forcing animals to live inside an artificial bubble.

Methane gas emitted by cows and other livestock does have a significant impact on the amount of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, which are the main culprits behind climate change and global warming.The Lavender Scare had detrimental effects on lesbians, such as the loss of jobs, military status, social status, and isolation from society.

However, the attempts to rid American. The decline of anti-Red hysteria and the return of public stability by late technically marked the end of the Great Red Scare. Gone were the bombings, the government raids, the mass deportations, the shocking displays of mob violence. The origins of the Cold War can be traced to the late 's when America experienced the Red Scare.

Suspicion and apprehension of the Soviet Union remained constant throughout the twenties and thirties intensifying with Josef Stalin's brutal regime. The Red Scare of to the late s is a perfect example of our nation repeating a history event from , The Salem Witch Trials an event that our nation still remembers today innocent lives lost that definitely didn’t deserve it.

The first “red scare” was inflamed by Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer, while labor unions went on strike, and a series of letter bombs were mailed to prominent government figures.

It was in this climate that at least twenty-seven incidents of white mob violence erupted. By far the greatest factor that characterized the red scare was a deep and often impractical fear of communism within the United States, since communist nations were seen as a threat to the economic prosperity and freedom of the United States/5(2).

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